MIR: 1 Rue Descartes, 95000 Neuville-sur-Oise, France
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The conference aims at being in majority a physical event.
To connect click on the corresponding Zoom session of ecodep calendar.

Registration is totally free but mandatory. physical participants are totally invited to all the issues of the conference. Applicants are asked to complete registrations with affiliation and location.

From August 9, 2021 French authorities require a COVID QR pass to enter places with more than 50 persons: Non European visitors may get this QR code pass online, click this link, or this link in French.

Anyway the simplest is to go to a pharmacy with the complete information on doses and dates of one allowed vaccine, and you will get the QR code. I personally checked and my own pharmacy does it, Pharmacie Falguières, and apparently all the pharmacies will do the same very soon, at least the big ones.

Poster sessions will allow young researchers to present their current work; an oral 5 minutes presentation will allow them to present the posters. Apply by email to Paul Doukhan.

Typically transverse works can make use of the topics of the talks. This Conference aims at exhibiting some needs of Ecologists; the Probability or Statistics oriented talks should yield adequate tools for ecological purposes through collaborations within the group and possibly outside the Ecodep team.
Catherine Aaron (University Clermont Auvergne),
Hansjoerg Albrecher (HEC, Lausanne),
Pierre Alquier (Riken AIP, Tokyo),
Isidora Avila (Advance Conservation Strategies, Chile)
Enrique Cabana (Montevideo),
Joel E. Cohen (Lab of populations - Rockefeller University & Columbia, NY),
Imma Curato (Lab of Finance, Ulm University),
Julien Chiquet (MIA AgroParisTech, INRAE, Paris),
Félix Cheysson (Sorbonne University, Paris),
Tran Chi (University Gustave Eiffel, Champs sur Marne),
Xiequan Fan (Tianjin University),
Adam Jakubowski (M Kopernikus University, Torun),
Jüri Lember (University of Tartu),
Michael Neumann (Lab of Mathematics, Jena),
Victor de la Pena (Lab of Statistics, Columbia, New-York),
Benjamin Poignard (Riken-AIP, Osaka),
Denys Pommeret (ISFA Lyon and Marseille University),
Julien Randon Furling (University Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne),
Gennady Samorodnitsky (Cornell University, Ithaca).
Lionel Truquet (ENSAI, Rennes),
Leonardo Videla (UV, Valparaiso),
Chris Watkins (RHUL, London).

Schedule (Abstracts Book) is designed for a worldwide audience:
- Morning 10:00-13:00
- Afternoon 15:00-18:00
A cocktail will conclude the first day of the conference (September 15, 18:00)
A conference dinner will hold at 20:00 on Thursday 16.
Talks (Abstracts Book).
Lebecq & Roux