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Lectures for PhD Students EM2PSI
Times series for population dynamics and econometrics.

ECODEP lectures in the Master of Mathematics.
A Research oriented course will be opened to EcoDep oriented students within the frame of the Master of Mathematics in CYU, supported by EcoDep. It consists into 4 minicourses (2⨯2:30hours) in November, December, January, and February. A memorandum will be used to rate the students.

2020-2021 lectures are planned on Mondays (depending on time zones of the speaker), each minicourse will last 2 consecutive weeks (with Zoom for this year).
Please connect before for online lectures by using Zoom Calendar, click on the event of interest to obtain the corresponding Zoom link.
If the lecturer agrees, those lectures will be recorded on the Ecodep YouTube channel.
- November 16 & 23, 2020: 15-17:30, Thierry Huillet (LPTM, CYU): Markov chains for population genetics and population dynamics. on Zoom. Lecture 1, see Amaury Lambert (2008) Population Dynamics and Random Genealogies, Stochastic Models, 24:1, 45—163. DOI: 10.1080/15326340802437728, for the first lecture. For the second lecture lecture 2-I, lecture 2-II, and MF Neuts (1994) An interesting random walk on the non-negative integers. JAP31, 48-58.
- November 30 & December 7, 2020: 16-18:30, Victor de la Pena (Columbia, New-York): Self normalized sums and Taylor's laws. Lecture Self-Normalization I and lecture Self-Normalization II (Concentration Inequalities for Sums and Martingales (2015) Bercu, Delyon, Rio. Springer Brief), Lecture Copula, lecture Taylor. de la Pena's Slides at opening conference. Connexion to Zoom.
- January 2021 25, 14:30-17:00, and February 15, 9:30-12:00 Gilles Durrieu (UBS, Vannes): Time series for biodiversity, Lectures, and Lectures Modélisation and biomonitoring (in French), also refer to the talk at the online opening conference. Find online lectures notes, and exercises. Finally the Oyster data set is used as a sample. Connexion to Zoom.
- February 8 & 15, 2021, 15-17:30, Alejandra Cabana (UAB Barcelona): Introduction to discrete time series. Slides. Connexion to Zoom.

2021-2022 lectures are planned in hybrid on Mondays, Connexion to Zoom. .
- November 8, 15, 22, 29: 15-18:00, Room 008, Le Chênes 2, Paul Doukhan (AGM, CYU): Independence, Dependence and Modelling time series for econometrics and ecology. Lectures for PhD Students in Mathematics, Physics and Economy.

The ECODEP lectures, which are part of the Master of mathematics in CYU will be validated through a report with one of the lecturers. Connexion to Zoom. and room E554.
- January 10, 2022: 15-17:30 & 17, 2022: 10-12:30 (room E214), Paul Doukhan (AGM, CYU): Modelling dependence and time series.
- January 24 & 31, February 7 & 14, 2022: 15-17:30, E554, Lionel Truquet & Guillaume Franchi (ENSAI, Rennes). Models of time series for abundance. Slides 1, slides 2, slides 3, notes Franchi1, slides 4, notes Franchi2.
- March 14 2022, 16:00-18:00 and March 21 2022, 15:00-18:00, 15:00-17:30, Joseph Rynkiewicz (SAMM Paris 1). An introduction to deep learning. Complete slides are online: Coursdeep1, Coursdeep2, Coursdeep3, Coursdeep4, Coursdeep5, Coursdeep6, Notebook.

2022-2023 lectures
- November 21, 28, december 5, 12, 2022: 15-18:00, Room 113, Les Chênes 2, Paul Doukhan (AGM, CYU): Independence, Dependence and Modelling time series for econometrics and ecology. Lectures for PhD Students in Mathematics, Physics and Economy.
Master ECODEP lectures room E554. (Master of mathematics CYU).
- January 10, 2023: 10-13:00, Paul Doukhan (AGM, CYU): Modelling dependence and time series. Bibliography.
- January 17 & 24, 2023: 10:45-13:15 Federico Maddanu (AGM, CYU). Climate time series. Presentation, Lectures notes, Code, Examination.
- February 7 & 21, 2023: 10:00-13:00 Laurence Reboul (AGM, CYU and Marseille University). Random fields in Ecology.
- February 14 & March 7, 2023: 10:00-13:00 Zinsou-Max Debaly (AGM, CYU). Markov models for spatial data.

Modeling of abundance in ecology / Modeling in population dynamics / Self-normalization & Taylor's law / Space-time models / Time series with covariates / High dimensional time series / Isotonicity / Dependence of random processes / Time series for biodiversity / Non-stationary time series / Partly observed processes / Point processes for ecology / Structural breaks / Econometric methods in ecology / Modeling in genomics.

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